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Congratulations on becoming a member of JECC! Here you’ll find all of the pertinent information and instruction to prepare yourself for reporting to JECC headquarters or the Joint Planning Support Element. For those joining JCSE, please visit their website for reporting instructions.

Military and civilian new hires should have received notification of a sponsor assignment. At the JECC, the sponsor's role is to answer any questions the new hire has about the command and local area, in addition to providing a professional welcoming.

If you are joining the JECC within the next 30 days and have not received a sponsor assignment, please submit a Sponsorship Request Form to the following.

  • Active Duty & Civilians should contact the JECC J1.
  • Reservists should contact their reserve service element.

As part of in-processing, you'll need to complete the following forms. Once completed, please send them to the JECC J1 at Transcom.norfolk.jeccj1.mbx.hq@mail.mil.

Once completed, forms may contain PII (Personally Identifiable Information) or other sensitive information. Forms containing PII must be encrypted. Completed forms may be transmitted using DoD Safe using its encryption feature or submitted directly via encrypted email. Send completed forms to JECC J1.

All new personnel are required to complete JECC Form 29 (DTS Travel Check-In sheet) and provide the completed form to JECC J1 prior to arriving to the JECC.

DTS Training

All new personnel who use JECC DTS are required to complete training and provide the certificate showing the training was completed within the last three years. If the training has been completed within the last three years, please provide copies of certificate prior to reporting to the JECC. The training can be found on the Defense Travel website.

Training Instructions
  • Click "Training" on the top line.
  • Click "View All" to see the course.
Training Required For Travelers
  1. DTS Basic - About DTS
  2. DTS Basic - DTS Travel Documents (DTS 101)
  3. Program & Policies - Travel Policies

If the new member has a current government official passport, please provide a copy to the JECC J1 upon in-processing. If the passport has expired, bring the expired passport with you to the JECC. JECC J1 will take care of the application upon arrival; if you've never had one, please bring a tourist passport or your birth certificate with the raised seal.

If the expired passport is 10 years or older, please bring your birth certificate or tourist passport as the supporting documents. However, if the passport is less than 10 years old and has been misplaced, please complete the required DS64, Statement Regarding a Lost or Stolen U.S. Passport Book and/or Card.