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Our Mission

On order, JCSE immediately deploys to provide enroute, early entry, scalable C4 support to the Regional Combatant Commands, Special Operations Command, and other agencies as directed; on order, provides additional C4 services with 72 hours to support larger CJTF/CJSOTF Headquarters across the full spectrum of operations.

Our Location

8532 Marina Bay Dr
Tampa FL 33621



JCSE Commander CAPT Shawn Roberts USN

CAPT Shawn Roberts, USN




As a joint Airborne/deployable communications organization, JCSE capabilities include
Expeditionary – can deploy in hours.
Early entry for a 40-seat joint command and control node.
Commercial-air transportable.
Seamlessly scales support from an early-entry package to a full joint force headquarters.
Access to a full range of DOD and commercial networks
A robust 24/7 reach-back capability
JCSE’s rapid-deployment capability and lightweight-equipment footprint enable timely, secure and reliable communications service delivery during all phases of joint force headquarters operations.