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Q1: What is the JECC?
A1: The JECC is a deployable joint organization whose purpose entails rapidly deploying trained, equipped, and effective joint planners to support emerging requirements across the full spectrum of joint/combined operations. JECC members deploy around the world supporting geographic combatant commands with humanitarian missions, JTF formation, emerging requirements, contingency planning, and domestic DSCA/FEMA operations.
Q2: Where is the JECC located?

A2: The JECC headquarters is located at Naval Station Norfolk, Virginia. Our address is:

Joint Enabling Capabilities Command
Building X-132
9712 Virginia Ave.
Norfolk, VA 23511
Q3: Who can I contact for additional information?

A3: For general inquiries, please use the Contact Us page to submit your request.

If you are a reservist interested in more information about job opportunities at Joint Enabling Capabilities Command, please use the appropriate link below:

Q4: Does the JECC provide opportunities for joint credit?

A4: Yes. The JECC’s primary focus is working with Combatant Commands, Joint Task Forces, and Partner Agencies to achieve unified action by multiple military forces across the full spectrum of joint/combined operations in all domains. The JECC has joint billets  for both Active and Reserve Components.

Q5: Does the JECC provide opportunities for joint schools or exercises?

A5: The JECC regularly coordinates opportunities for schools that qualify for Joint Credit per the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Additionally, the JECC coordinates Tier 1 Exercises with supported Combatant Commands and International Partners that qualify for discretionary joint experience.

Q6: I’m a Reservist, does the JECC have opportunities for me?

A6: Yes! The JECC is composed of nearly 70% Reservists and National Guard, who are essential to our unique mission set. We employ Reservists from Air Force, Army, Marine Corps, and Navy.


Q7: I’m a Reservist, who do I contact to schedule training and maintain my readiness once assigned to the JECC?

A7: Your primary point of contact will be the Reserve Integration Officer (RIO) based on your assigned functional group. They will reach out to you via email and phone to coordinate deployability training and liaison with the DART to ensure your readiness is tracked appropriately.


Q8: I am about to PCS to the unit, who can I call for more information?

A8: Call the JECC J1, Ms. Melendar Collins at (757) 278-6817.

Q9: Who do I call for more information if I am a Reservist?

A9: Call the JECC J9, Mr. Michael Fox at (757) 278-6946.