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JECC KM Practitioners Training


Note: JECC KM Practitioners Training is managed by the Joint Planning Support Element (JPSE) Knowledge Management (KM) group.  JPSE is a JECC subordinate element consisting of six Functional Groups:  KM, Intelligence Support (IS), Logistics, Operations, Plans and Public Affairs.


Knowledge Management (KM), its practical implementation, and the type or maturity of KM training methods and processes, is not standardized and varies across the DoD services and Joint community.

The Joint Planning Support Element’s (JPSE) Knowledge Management Class is intended to establish a KM foundation for Joint Enabling Capabilities Command (JECC) active and reserve component personnel, but is open to other DoD organizations on a space available basis. The class is offered quarterly to fulfill JPSE training needs.

Attendees will be introduced to the basic concepts and terminology of KM as currently defined in service and joint doctrine. The class will introduce the fundamentals of KM, the JPSE deliberate approach to KM implementation in support of a Joint Force Headquarters (JFHQ), and the skills used to achieve mission success.

This class briefly discusses various Knowledge Management associated tools.  However, this class does NOT contain SharePoint administrator, manager, or operator-level, or Records Management training. 

 This course is held in-person and as of now, we DO NOT offer a virtual version of this course.  


The goal of this class is to provide a solid foundation covering the major concepts, techniques, skills, and capabilities associated with Knowledge Management and the JPSE KM implementation plan in support of the JECC’s Joint Force Headquarters support mission. Attendees will be familiarized with the “why” and “how” JPSE KM implements its deliberate approach to establishing effective staff processes in order to achieve and maintain effective decision support for the commander and shared staff understanding.

On completion of this training, participants will have the knowledge, skills, and ability to:

  • Understand the fundamental concepts of information, knowledge, and knowledge management.
  • Understand knowledge and shared understanding within DoD Joint doctrine.
  • Execute the JPSE deliberate approach to KM implementation methods and techniques.
  • Explain the importance of leadership support and staff engagement in support of KM efforts.
  • Understand the doctrinal joint force construct, cross-functional and functional roles and responsibilities.
  • Conduct decision support critical path discovery and analysis in support of the commands decision cycles.
  • Conduct Information flow process discovery and analysis as it relates to decision support and staff shared understanding.
  • Conduct battle rhythm process discovery, analysis, and change management.
  • Understand the Common Operational Picture (COP) as it relates to CCIRs, PIRs, and FFIRs.
  • Conduct basic continuous process improvement analysis methodologies to support building organizational maturity consistent with DoD standards. (DoDD 5010.42, DoDAF 2.02).
  • Identify the purpose and effective use of enterprise tools in support of organizational mission efforts.

Military and government service (GS) personnel who fulfill responsibilities described in DoD KM policies, especially those who fill these specific KM roles: Chief of Staff, KM Officer, Battle Rhythm Manager, KM Representative, and Information Management Officer (IMO). This class is appropriate for E7 & above, with priority awarded to personnel assigned to JECC.

FY Quarter Start/Finish Registration Deadline
Class 24-1 Nov 13 to Nov 15, 2023 CLOSED 
Class 24-2 Feb 5 to Feb 7, 2024 CLOSED 
Class 24-3 May 13 to May 15, 2024 CLOSED 
Class 24-4 *Aug 5 to Aug 7, 2024 Closes : 29 JUN 2024 

Signup in Joint Event Management Information System (JEMIS).

Note: Registration will be available three to four months prior to the class start.  Registration in JEMIS DOES NOT guarantee a student seat. JPSE-KM may adjust attendee quotas in accordance with training priorities or to meet mission support requirements. In the unlikely event that your quota cannot be fulfilled, you will be notified via the email address you provide in JEMIS.  

Once registered, visit the Intelink class page and select the "Attendee" tab for detailed information and access to class presentations (requires Intelink Passport account)

What is Passport?
Passport is the User identity manager for Intelshare and Intelink.
If you're unfamiliar with Intelink and Intelshare:

Intelink is a group of secure intranets used by the United States Intelligence Community.

Intelshare is Intelink's SharePoint that allows staffs in different command elements to use SharePoint web-based document and content management capabilities to support operations and exercises.

One benefit of Passport is that users can manage their own User Profiles. New Users are automatically assigned a Passport User ID when they successfully authenticate with Intelshare using their active CAC certificate.

Additional questions should be directed to:

Mrs. Rhiannon Patton KM Chief of Training rhiannon.m.patton.civ@mail.mil COM: 757-278-6789 DSN: 322-278-6789

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