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Our Mission

The Joint Planning Support Element rapidly deploys tailored, ready, joint planners, operators, logisticians, knowledge managers, public affairs and intelligence specialists in order to accelerate the formation and increase the effectiveness of newly formed Joint Task Force Headquarters.

Our Location

9712 Virginia Ave.
Norfolk, VA 23511


COL Jackson, JPSE Commander

COL Joseph Jackson

U.S. Army

Note:   JECC and JPSE cannot and will not grant Permissions to its own internal SharePoint other than individuals assigned to JECC or JPSE.


JPSE delivers expertise in:
Plans to leverage joint expertise and use current best practices to ensure the integrated employment of land, air, maritime and information operations capabilities.
Operations to enhance situational understanding and facilitate the execution of current operations.
Logistics to integrate, coordinate and implement joint logistics operations and planning.
Knowledge Management to develop and implement knowledge management plans and processes to provide increased situational awareness across the command and support/enhance the commander's decision cycle.
Intelligence Support to coordinate, manage and synchronize intelligence collection, analysis and dissemination.
Public Affairs to meet evolving public affairs challenges and lead the information narrative within a joint force commander's operational theater.
JPSE deploys on short notice to assist joint force commanders in a broad range of missions, including support for humanitarian assistance/disaster-relief operations. 
JPSE broadens expertise on coalition partners' planning efforts
JECC enhances command and control during Integrated Advance 2015
JECC enhances command and control during Integrated Advance 2015
In early September, Joint Public Affairs Support Element, Joint Communications Support Element, Joint Planning Support Element prepare to move out in support of Operation United Assistance near Pisa, Italy. The U.S. Agency for International Development is the lead U.S. Government organization for Operation United Assistance. U.S. Africa Command is supporting the effort by providing command and control, logistics, training and engineering assets to contain the Ebola virus outbreak in West Africa.
Talisman Saber 13 shows flexibility, versatility of JECC capabilities
JECC subordinate command is renamed to bring additional cohesiveness to the organization